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3 CAMP Questions… with Mark Kenneth Woods

Mark Kenneth Woods makes keyboards Fun!

Chances are you’ve seen Mark Kenneth Woods in action and might not have known it was him. As the star and creator of “THE HOUSE OF VENUS SHOW” (OUTtv, here! Network, PinkTV), the world’s first LGBT sketch comedy show, his sexy-fine self can usually be found under make-up, wigs, and frocks playing characters alongside Miss Cotton like Deb & Sisi or Pimp & Ho. We’ve invited Mark to join us at Reelout 13 along with Alexis Mitchell to talk about camp sensibility in a program we’re calling PITCHING CAMP at 4pm Saturday, February 4th at The Screening Room. Here are some warm up questions!
1.Fuck. Fight. Friend (which one?): Catharine Trammell in Basic Instinct, Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest and Tyra Banks in America’s Next Top Model. Go!

"Didn't see "Mister Beaver"? Let me show you what you missed."

FUCKCatherine Trammell (as played by Sharon Stone) from Basic Instinct
Mark: Well she was pretty smoking so probably fuck. I’d hide the icepicks first though.


FRIEND Joan Crawford (as played by Faye Dunaway) from Mommy Dearest
Mark:You do not wanna get on this one’s bad side so friend it is. Though her dependence on alcohol and shameless self-publicity are the real reasons we’d probably get along.
FIGHT Tyra Banks as Tyra Banks in America’s Next Top Model

Is her tongue smyzing?

This one is easy. The woman brought us such Oxford dictionary classics as “Smize” and “Booty Tooch”. Time to find that icepick I hid earlier.

" Let me do her Marky."

2. Whatever happened to Baby Jane?

I’m not really supposed to talk about it but you’ve met Miss Cotton right? She’s actually 92.

That's an industrial sized airbrush then!

3. If your life depended on it, who would you rather French kiss? Corey Feldman or Corey Haim?

Feldman on the left, Haim on the right. Or is this a pic from last year's womyns music festival?

No offence to necrophiliacs but seeing as Corey Haim is dead, Feldman is a shoe-in here. He’s a mess but he’s alive-ish and being alive is one of my general make-out requirements.

I think this means he's up for it Mark.


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We host an 11-day queer film and video festival in Kingston, Canada in January/February each year!

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