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3 CAMP Questions…with Paul Festa

Filmmaker Paul Festa strikes a pose with a couple of sexy ballerinas from THE GLITTER EMERGENCY.

Paul Festa is a dynamic emerging artist based in San Francisco. His film THE GLITTER EMERGENCY is being showcased in our salute to silent films SHHHorts at 2pm on Sunday, February 5th at The Screening Room (120 Princess Street). A gorgeous camp Cinderella meets The Red Shoes musical
featuring Festa as a Tchaikovsky-violin-playing creature from the netherworld and will be accompanying the film live-in-person for our audience. His next film TIE IT TO MY HAND will make its debut this spring at the Cannes Film Festival. Read more about Paul at

1. What’s Your Favorite CAMPY Movie?
Festa: The Glitter Emergency, of course! Myra Breckinridge is a close second.

Peg the peg-legged ballerina from THE GLITTER EMERGENCY scares easily.

A Close 2nd and A Far From Coherent Movie.

2. Which BREAKFAST CLUB character did your high school life most resemble?

Judd Nelson's Rebel, Ally Sheedy's Dandruff-artist, Emilio Estevez's Jock/80s porn star, Molly Ringwald's stuck-up Priss, Anthony Michael Hall's Geekazoid

Festa: John Cusack, who was briefly on set before being fired over salary issues
and replaced by Judd Nelson.

You don't need a Hot Tub Time Machine to see what John looked like in the 80s. Funny that all the "nerds" in 80s films all look like fuckable twinks today.

3.Which Golden Girl would you like to go on a 6 hour road trip with?

Ma. Rose, Blanche or Dorothy?

Festa: ALL of the above!
Check out the TRAILER for THE GLITTER EMERGENCY below:
The Glitter Emergency Trailer


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