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3 CAMP Questions…. with Alexis Mitchell

Alexis Mitchell in black & white adds a little colourful camp humour with 3 Camp Questions.

Alexis Mitchell is no stranger to Kingston or the Reelout Queer Film + Video Festival. While attending Queen’s University, Alexis volunteered her spare time organizing the festival in its infancy. After Queen’s, Alexis completed her MFA under the guidance of Canadian film drool-worthy icon John Greyson at York University. Her works include Rubb My Chubb: Fat Activism and the Fat Femme Mafiaand Circus Geeks & Sideshow Freaks. Her MFA thesis project CAMPmerges architectural and queer theory to forge possible acts of transgression within contemporary Jewish culture and politics. Alexis Mitchell will be joined by Mark Kenneth Woods to talk about camp sensibility after a screening of various politicized camp, queer works in PITCHING CAMP Saturday, February 4th at 4pm at The Screening Room (120 Princess Street).

1. To Whom would you rather pay for a lap dance?

Lindsay Lohan in I KNOW WHO KILLED ME

Mia Kirshner in EXOTICA

Elizabeth Berkley in SHOWGIRLS

Chris Farley in Saturday Night Live

Demi Moore in STRIPTEASE


ALEXIS: Generationally, I have to go with Elizabeth Berkley. I love a 90s good girl gone bad.

Berkley celebrates Mitchell's decision by doing a victory "lap" around the pole.


2. You’ve invented a time machine and travel back in time to kill Hitler. Problem, you are only armed with the following 2 items…

A pair of Cheetah Heels.

A Fruit Pie


 …how will you kill Hitler?

ALEXIS: I tend to avoid femme and food play when answering questions about the Holocaust.

3. You’ve been chosen to direct a soap opera. Which one will it be?

Imagine the drama if Alexis Mitchell got her creative hands on Nikki and Victor!

ALEXIS: The Young and the Restless. My career would never end and the show stimulates my desire for dramatic lighting and relationships.


About Reelout

We host an 11-day queer film and video festival in Kingston, Canada in January/February each year!

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