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The September Issue

Hey its Jordan, your summer student blogger here, ending appropriately my stint here at Reelout with my thoughts on a film with “September” in the title.  Summer is officially history. Sigh.Image

If the fashion industry were to be summarized into a pyramid of hierarchy there would be one woman atop everyone else. Anna Wintour: the name to fear, literally fear. This woman single-handedly commands the Vogue empire and every minion that works there. This film is by R.J Cutler and follows Anna Wintour and her righthand Grace as they prepare the September issue of Vogue (the biggest and most important issue of the year). The film shows insight into how the fashion industry wastes a ludacris amount of money; from changes in a shoot, to new models, to dropping a line. Thousands and even millions of dollars are wasted on clothing shoots for magazines that people read so they can look at themselves and judge what they have, don’t have, or can never afford. I think the world is a pretty backwards place if that kind of money can be thrown around without being put to good use. But there is a clear, simple reason why the fashion industry is so plentiful. Because humans have the need to feel good, which includes looking good to yourself. Not everyone can afford a $1,500 dress however. When people start acquiring taste for clothes like that they become quite picky about what they put on their bodies. Women like that become so engulfed in their work that mind-set becomes second nature. So you can just imagine what it’s like trying to impress Anna Wintour. My favourite true-life character is Grace because she’s so old-fashioned but is still agressive and bitchy. Grace manages two beautiful photo shoots in the film of which were to be highlighted in the Semptember issue. Unfortunately Anna’s word is law and most of Grace’s hard work ended up getting tossed. Money, work, time and people wasted because she didn’t like the way it looked. I find it mind blowing that not a single person even remotely tried to stand up to Anna or challenge her opinion once. I’d like to conclude by saying that Anna Wintour is the ghost queen of the fashion world. She controls everything that goes into Vogue, she’s been everwhere, she knows everyone and yet she’s so low profile. I guarantee unless you are a hardcore fashion junkie or you’ve seen ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ you wouldn’t have even heard of this woman before. “She isn’t accessible to people she doesn’t need to be accessible to.” Anna has her privacy and pretty much whatever else she wants.

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