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Searching for a Scene

Reelout audiences will be the first in the WORLD to see writer/director Eric Henry‘s first feature film SEEK at 9pm Thursday, January 30th at The Screening Room.  Originally from Sudbury, Eric Henry studied Broadcast TV/Video in North Bay before making the big city move to Toronto where he is currently produces and directs corporate and enterprise broadcasts and videos for some of Canada’s largest financial institutions. Eric and the film’s costar Ryan Fisher are currently collaborating on some future film projects and the two will be in Kingston to watch their film with an audience for the first time!  Our intrepid Reelout blogger Reelout Rita had a chance to catch up with Eric Henry just before the holidays.

SeekPosterImageforwebReelout Rita: Eric you skipped from (arguably) the bottom of the filmmaking food chain from Production Assistant to writer/director of your first feature film seemingly overnight.  How did you make that happen?

Eric: After being an assistant for several years and directing many corporate videos I knew that I wanted to direct a feature film, and I had to start to work and get it done.  I booked vacation time two years ahead of time, and set that as my goal to shoot the film.  I worked hard getting everything together and was able to live out my dream.

Reelout Rita: This is going to be a World Premiere screening for SEEK.  Excited?

Eric: Seek’s showing at Kingston is the beginning of a new journey for me.  The days are counting down to the event, and there is not much more that could make me happier. After making a film which is inspired by much of my recent life experiences and made in cooperation with people that are my friends and that I admire, my excitement is also joined with the feeling of great fear.  It is scary to share so much of yourself with strangers, but I also think it will be a cathartic experience.  I keep imagining what it’ll be like sitting in a dark cinema and the emotions I’ll feel when Kevon Cronin’s score blares through the sound system.

Reelout Rita: SEEK’s cast is comprised of almost all Canadian actors.  How did you manage to cast U.S actor/model Matthew Ludwinski?


Eric: Part of my plan was to feature life in Toronto and feature Canadian talent. I did need to have an actor who was known to a larger audience, and that is why I cast Matthew Ludwinski in the role of ‘Jordan.’  Most people familiar with gay cinema will know Matthew from the film ‘Going Down in La La Land,’ many people have asked how did you get him in the film.  The short and truthful answer is I just emailed him the script, and asked him to be in the film. Luckily for the film, he said yes.

Reelout Rita: Can Reelout audiences expect to see you and your cast and crew at the screening?

Ryan Fisher  (Hunter) will be in attendance.

Ryan Fisher (Hunter) will be in attendance.

Eric: It has been a long process, but I am excited that Ryan Fisher (‘Hunter’ in the film) and I will be able to sit with the first audience that sees the film.

SEEK by writer/director Eric Henry is screening at 9pm Thursday January 30th at The Screening Room (120 Princess St)along with the short films Playing It Straight by Michael P. Kenney and Straight With You by Daan Bol.  Tickets are $10 or $8 with student I.D. and will be available at the door or buy online at Ticketscene here


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We host an 11-day queer film and video festival in Kingston, Canada in January/February each year!

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