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REELiving with Adam Kirkham


ADAM KIRKHAM (Writer/Associate Producer) is a Toronto-based writer, producer and collaborator. He holds a BA in Theatre from York University, specializing in both Theatre Production and Collective Creation. Adam is a core collaborator with the Flemish Beauty Film collective. His first screenplay, “The Inquisitive Snail”, was produced by Flemish Beauty and has screened across the world. When screening “The Inquisitive Snail” at the Victoria International Film Festival in 2009, Flemish Beauty Films was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 20 Promising Filmmakers by a panel that included producer Michael Donovan (Bowling for Columbine), director Bruce McDonald (Hard Core Logo) and Maclean’s film critic Brian D. Johnson. Adam is also part of the team at Hot Docs as Sponsorship Marketing Manager where he manages a portfolio including the Hot Docs Canadian International FestivalBloor Hot Docs CinemaPrime Time in Ottawa (with the CMPA) and theWorld Congress of Science and Factual Producers.

He is the producer of the gay zombie short HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAD screening this year the Reelout festival.

Reelout Rita: What’s your favourite zombie movie and why?

Adam: Tough question – there are so many great films out there! Having to choose one, I’m going to go with Shaun of the Dead. It’s a movie that has a lot of personality and was built through a collaborative process with a group of artists who have worked with each other over various projects. The cohesion built on their past successes brings a lot of charm to the film while honouring the Zombie genre and giving audiences plenty of laughs, scares and an interesting plot line to tie it all together.

Reelout Rita: Your film premiered at the Inside Out LGBT Film Festival in Toronto last May. What was that experience like?

Adam: Screening at Inside Out was a really enriching experience. It’s our home-town LGBT festival, and it was the premiere of the first collaboration between Jason and I; that made it feel extra special.

Having real, public audience watching and reacting to your work is a thrill, and it was also great to see the work of so many other filmmakers – and to meet the people who work day in and day out to build opportunities for queer filmmakers. When working on queer focused projects, it can feel a bit daunting that your work will be lumped into one category and one stream of opportunities. It’s very encouraging to feel supported by a community of people who say ‘yes, your film has LGBT themes, but let’s talk about what else it is too’.

Reelout Rita: What Queer films/Videos or Filmmakers have left a lasting impact on you?

Adam: John Waters & Divine are pretty fantastic for the fact that they really just followed their dreams, didn’t hold anything back and created films that were extremely unique for their time. If you aren’t familiar with their work, check out the documentary “I am Divine” and you will love them too.

Another thing I’ve always loved about LGBT cinema, is that there are so many little gems by first-time and one-off filmmakers. Make LGBT Cinema something regular on your rental, festival or download list and try new things with an open mind 😉


About Reelout

We host an 11-day queer film and video festival in Kingston, Canada in January/February each year!

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