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Lunch Time Poll Results

Reelout and Blue Canoe’s Production of HEATHERS THE MUSICAL was a huge success for the Juvenis Festival.  Our audiences were polled on several topics and let’s just say some of their questions were quite enlightening.  Here are some of the highlights.

Who is Hotter? Principal Gown, Coach Ripper or ALF?


Winner: ALF 

This 80s sitcom puppet alien easily won the beauty contest with all age demographics despite some write-in votes for an unspecified Heather, Ram Sweeney and Miss Fleming.

Do you support Miss Fleming’s initiative to ban the Pledge of Allegiance and replace it with a Daily Affirmation written by a myriad of Tibetan, feminist poets?

Interesting.  The majority of our audiences aged 26 or younger said “If you can find them. Sure!”.  However the majority of our audiences born in the 80s or prior felt we should “Send Miss. Fleming on a one-way ticket to Tibet.” Proving that older people are intolerant and traditional.   Ironic considering Miss Fleming is one of them.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.38.20 PM

You’ve discovered a new planet in Astronomy class. What would you name it?

Rachel, Prosperpina, Juvenis, Earth, Urrectum, Beyonce, Ur-Anus, Cool Planet, Chris Johnson, Ucluelet, Thomas, Donna’s Hope,  & Sewsuar.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

The most popular answers were “invisibility” and “flying” .  Other superpowers included: neurokinesis (?), setting fire to the rain, the ability to heal people, communicating with animals and the ability to see the future.

You’re stranded on a deserted island. What would be your luxury item?

Audiences born in the 2000s or 90s were quite practical and offered such items as yachts, hammocks, books like Robinson Crusoe, Fiji water, sunglasses, peanut butter,soap and phones.  Entertainment was also a priority including Beyonce’s latest album, iPods/walkmans, a Rubicks Cube, an acoustic guitar, a water carbonator and a vibrator.  And then some of these kids are just silly/brilliant: Lexus Sport, a magic genie or a teleportation device.

Audiences born in the 60s or prior indicated they would bring someone to be stranded with, a bottle of brandy, a magic 8 ball, soap and a radio.

However it is audience members born in the 70s or 80s that you should steer clear of from now on. The top answers were “a gun” and “massive jugs of moisturizer”.

And finally, we asked our audiences if they could describe their sex life by the title of a movie and we received some pretty eclectic answers!  See below for highlights.





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