Lunch Time Poll with Liam Bidmead & Emily-Kate Taylor


NAMES: Liam Bidmead and Emily-Kate Taylor (EK)  AGES: 20 and 16

ROLES: Liam is Music/Vocal Director and Emily-Kate is Choreographer

Where You’ve Seen Them Before: Liam in As you like it, (TBTB). Reel world, deja brew, (AMDA).  Emily-Kate as  Charlize Poch in “Rock the System”, Louisa in “The Sound of Music”, Baby Louise in “Gypsy”, and you may have also seen her tap dancing down the streets of Kingston. She has a tendency to do that.

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Who’s Your Favourite Heathers the Musical Character Liam? Martha ,because we have all been in a situation that we wanted to end. Most of us can relate and remember that we got through it and came out a stronger person.

And Emily-Kate? Heather Chandler. “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.” — that’s why.  She was a mythic bitch but, she stayed true to her bitchiness.

Emily-Kate, You’ve been possessed by the “red shoes” and have been cursed to dance for all eternity.  If you could choose the style of dance what would it be and why?  TAP!! It’s my favourite style. Plus, I wouldn’t have to worry about not having music because I would just make my own with my feet!


Liam, if you could only listen to one vocalist for the rest of your life who would it be and why?: Probably impersonator Christine Pedi. She can do any impersonation and it fascinates me how specific she can do it, Particularly her Bernadette Peters.

If you could cast anyone on Dancing With the Stars who would it be and why?  Bill Murray. I have a feeling he’d be very good.

Dance - Rosario Dawson, Bill Murray, Naomi Watts Hit the Dance Floor - Getty Images for TWC

Heathers the Musical is part of The Juvenis Festival, a week-long celebration of youth and the arts in Kingston funded in part through the generosity of the City of Kingston Arts Fund. #juvy2016  Check out their website at